Welcome to AGTIA

Founded in 2017 by cooperation of five sectors, the agricultural technology and innovation association (AGTIA) helps empowering agricultural businesses from farmers to technology providers.

We enthusiast farmers to raise productivities and enhance product values from using innovative technology and innovation. We match farmers with technology providers to ensure they build things on the right track. We share knowledge and knowhow to train more community leaders. We ally with all groups from big to small, and publics to privates. We cooperate with government and funding agencies to provide opportunity to all.

Sharing Fund & knowledge

Guiding the direction to find fund & key person(s) to help develop member products.

Policy Development

Be one to help support new policies and regulations that move the country ecosystem.

Agri-Food Entrepreneur Hub

Facilitate events, business matching, and co-projects between various stakeholders.

Become AGTIA Member

We welcome everyone from leading enterprises to startups, or academic researchers to specialists. Toward the brilliant future, we need all of you.